Terms and Conditions of Ticket Sales

Tickets are sold or issued subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The right of admission is reserved by Management.
2. A ticket is only valid when purchased through an authorised agent.
3. The right is reserved to vary advertised artists, programs, pricing and seating arrangements.
4. The right is reserved to vary ticket prices at times throughout the sales period.
5. Specific warnings will be advised prior to the day of activity, providing that information has been supplied by the producer/promoter of that activity.
6. Unless otherwise indicated all persons, including infants and children, entering must hold a valid ticket for that activity.
7. Unless otherwise indicated the use of photographic or recording equipment, including mobile phones, is strictly prohibited.
8. Ticket refunds and exchanges will be at the discretion of management, but, will not be considered within 24 hours of an activity.
9. Refunds and/or exchanges may be subject to a fee.
10. Where applicable GST has been applied.

Weather Cancellation Policy - Outdoor Performances

What happens if it rains?

Usually performances do proceed if there is only very light misty drizzle, however from time to time it will be necessary to cancel a performance.

While forecasts are naturally used as a guide, the decision to cancel a show is made ONLY on the day of performance.

Weather conditions can be very changeable and very localised. It may be raining in your town but dry and sunny at the performance site. We are very mindful of the comfort and enjoyment of our patrons and we make every effort to not cancel performances unnecessarily. There will be times however, if weather conditions change unexpectedly, when shows are cancelled just prior to a performance or at a time when it is not possible to contact everyone far enough in advance to prevent unnecessary travel.


Refunds are only offered if a performance is officially cancelled.

When a performance is cancelled in advance of the scheduled start time due to weather conditions, where possible and time permitting, every effort is made to inform ticket holders by SMS or telephone.